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NOTE: These are .jar files. If your operating system saves them as .zip files, rename them to .jar files. Then you should be able to click on them to run them.

NOTE 2: If you have trouble with clicking on the .jar file, try jarfix

NOTE 3: Most people will just want the software, if you want the source, scroll down to the bottom. NOTE 4: JFLAP Beta Version 8 was never finished. Recommend you use JFLAP Version 7.1.

To get JFLAP SOFTWARE (jar file):


NOTE: The JFLAP source is NOT NEEDED to run JFLAP. It is here for those people that want to modify JFLAP for their needs. MOST PEOPLE DO NOT NEED THE SOURCE. TO RUN JFLAP, you just need the .jar file above.

If you want the source and plan to modify it, please send email to to let us know how you have used jflap, acknowledge us, and do not sell the modified software (see the license with the source for more details.)

Contact Info

Susan H. Rodger
Associate Professor of the Practice
Department of Computer Science, Box 90129
LSRC, D237
Duke University, Durham, NC 27708-0129
Phone: (919)-660-6595, 419-7098

Questions/Comments: send email to jflap At