An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata, Seventh Edition
Peter Linz and Susan H. Rodger
2023(c) Jones & Bartlett Learning LLC
ISBN 9781284231601
(published 2023)

From the preface...

This book is designed for an introductory course on formal languages, automata, computability, and related matters. These topics form a major part of what is known as the theory of computation. A course on this subject matter is now standard in the computer science curriculum and is often taught fairly early in the program. Hence, the prospective audience for this book consists primarily of sophomores and juniors majoring in computer science or computer engineering.

Part 1 is the theory and Part 2 is applications. Part 1 explores finite automata, pushdown automata, Turing machines, grammars and other models of computation. Part 2 shows how the theory is applied for the algorithms of LL and LR parsing.

Table of contents

 Part  I  THEORY
    Chapter  1  Introduction to the Theory of Computation
    Chapter  2  Finite Automata
    Chapter  3  Regular Languages and Regular Grammars
    Chapter  4  Properties of Regular Languages
    Chapter  5  Context-Free Languages
    Chapter  6  Simplification of Context-Free Grammars and Normal Forms
    Chapter  7  Pushdown Automata
    Chapter  8  Properties of Context-Free Languages
    Chapter  9  Turing Machines
    Chapter  10  Other Models of Turing Machines
    Chapter  11  A Hierarchy of Formal Languages and Automata
    Chapter  12  Limits of Algorithmic Computation
    Chapter  13  Other Models of Computation
    Chapter  14  An Overview of Computational Complexity

    Chapter  15  Compilers and Parsing
    Chapter  16  LL Parsing
    Chapter  17  LR Parsing 

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Comparison of 6th to 7th edition.

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