JFLAP Modules and Exercises
July 2016


July 29, 2016: We have created an online resource of modules and exercises for many of the topics in formal languages and automata that all use JFLAP. Modules describe a topic and provide an example using JFLAP. Following each module are several exercises on the same topic. All the modules and exercises refer to either JFLAP version 7 (most stable version) or JFLAP 8.0 Beta (not complete but has some topics that are not in version 7).

This project was funded by NSF TUES DUE-1044191. Several faculty participated in this project and wrote the modules and exercises. We thank the following faculty for their contributions: John Beidler (University of Scranton), Jay Bagga (Ball State University), Martha Kosa (Tennessee Tech), Jody Paul (Metropolitan State University of Denver), Carolyn Rosiene (University of Hartford), Joel Rosiene (Eastern Connecticutt State University), and Arvind Bhusnurmath (University of Pennsylvania). We also thank Rocky Ross and Tom Finley for their participation as evaluators.

Note: JFLAP files are included for many of the modules and exercises. You will need to save them so you can load them in JFLAP. If you just click on them you will see the xml. Files with the .jff extension are intended for use by JFLAP7 and files with the .jflap extension are intended for use by JFLAP8

If you cannot expand or collapse the index menus, please enable Java script in your Internet browser.

Please give us feedback on the modules and exercises.

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For more information on JFLAP, please visit www.jflap.org.