SOFTWARE using JFLAP in some way

Many people have either modified JFLAP or used parts of it for their use over the years. We will attempt to list such efforts here. Please send me email and I would be happy to post information about your use of JFLAP or parts of JFLAP.


GOAL is a graphical interactive tool for defining and manipulating Buchi automata and temporal logic formulae. It also partially supports other variants of omega-automata. The first generation of Goal was started based on adaptations of JFLAP, in particular the finite automata and the graphics modules. The second generation is based on a completely new architecture/design. GOAL (posted in May 2011).

  • Ben-Ari, Mordechai. Spin Model Checker.
    JFLAP is referenced in the book Principles of the Spin Model Checker and the Visualizing Nondeterminism (VN) software tool mentioned reads nondeterministic finite automata from the JFLAP file format.