Multi-Input Run Grammar

Enter grammar below or load from the file multirun_grammar.jff . To test a grammar on more than one string at once select Multiple Brute Force Parse from the Input menu. On the right is a table with an input column and a result column. To add a test string click in the input column, type the string, and press enter. Selecting run inputs attempts to parse every string in the input column with the grammar.

Now let's load some additional input string from file. Click on Load Inputs and load the file muti_run_inputs.txt. You will now see additional input strings loaded to our multi-run parse pane. You can run these new inputs and your window would look like this :

When it is done if you want to see the parse tree for a particular string, select the string by clicking on the row it is in, and click the Start button on the left. If it is accepted you can press Step to see each part of the parse tree.

This concludes our brief tutorial on Multi-Input Run Grammar. Thanks for reading!