Test for Grammar Type


How to Test for Grammar Type


JFLAP allows users to check what type of grammar they are entering.

How to Test for Grammar Type

We will begin by entering a regular grammar. You could either enter the grammar below or load the file regGrammarToNFA.jff.

Now let's test for what type of grammar it is. Click on Test and click Test for Grammar Type. JFLAP will now notify you about the grammar type.

It tells user that the grammar we entered is right-linear grammar, which is also regular and context-free grammar.

Now, lets enter another grammar. Enter the grammar below or load the grammar from contextfreeGrammar.jff.

By clicking same options, we can confirm that this grammar is context-free grammar from JFLAP.

This feature in JFLAP can recognize right and left linear grammar, CNF grammar, GNF grammar, context-sensitive grammar, and unrestricted grammar.

This concludes our brief tutorial on Test for Grammar Type. Thanks for reading!