Manipulating Transitions (JFLAP 7.0)

In JFLAP 7.0, we introduce the ability to customize the curvature of every transition.
If you read this tutorial, you can take advantage of this ability in a frustruction-minimal way. In this tutorial, we treat a finite automata specifically, but it works the same in all the machines. Also, note that all manipulations are done with the Arrow Tool.

Simple Case

Let's start with a two-state automata, with a simple transition:

Two states and a transition on a between them

In order to manipulate the transition, click once on the transition so that it is selected. This is indicated by the highlighted color.

Once the transition is selected, the transition can be manipulated by clicking inside the circle and dragging.

In order to EDIT the transition, double-click on it. Note that in JFLAP 6.4, it was only a single click to edit.

Double-clicking on a transition to edit

You will observe that the double-click will also have the effect of selecting the transition. You can de-select it after you're done editing, by single-clicking once momre.

Complex Case - Multiple Labels on a Transition

If there are multiple labels on as a transition, as below:

Then each label is independent, with respect to transition manipulation. We can select on each label (by clicking on it), and the control point for THAT label will be made visible. The label that is closest to the visible transition is bound to it.