JFLAP: An Interactive Formal Languages and Automata Package
Susan H. Rodger and Thomas W. Finley
2006(c) Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury, MA
ISBN 0763738344
(published 2/27/2006)

The JFLAP book is available free as a pdf file here, on amazon and Barnes and Noble online. You can also order it directly from the publisher (see below).

From the preface...

This book is a hands-on guide through the Java Formal Language and Automata Package (JFLAP), an interactive visualization and teaching tool for formal languages. This book is intended as a supplement to an undergraduate automata theory course or an undergraduate compiler course. This book is not a textbook! We assume the user is using a textbook along with our book. Our book guides users interactively through many of the concepts in an automata theory course or the early topics in a compiler course, including descriptions of algorithms JFLAP has implemented and sample problems for reinforcement of concepts. However, our book assumes that the user has read briefly about these concepts first in an automata theory textbook or compiler textbook.

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Samples from the book


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JFLAP Software

The JFLAP software is available for free from www.jflap.org

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